Criminal Defense

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Criminal Law Practice Areas

  • Traffic violations
  • Assault and battery
  • Drunk Driving/DWI/DUI/OWI
  • Drugs Possession and Trafficking
  • Theft, Larceny, Burglary and Robbery
  • Arson
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Domestic violence
  • White collar crime
  • Sealing and Expunging Records

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Accused of committing a crime? Ken Gallon Law is ready to come to your defense – call 918-540-1818 or contact Miami Oklahoma criminal defense attorney online now for a┬áconsult. With experience in DWI/DUI/OWI as well as training in Blood Drug Analysis and Trial Advocacy and Cannabis and Cars we are your best defense. If you simply need your records expunged or you need a criminal defense for theft, robbery or burglary our team is ready to serve. We also handle assault and battery, drug possession and trafficking, arson, rape, murder and domestic violence. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and live in the Tri-County Area call Ken Gallon Law first.

Experienced, Client-Driven Criminal Law

As a member of The Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association we at Ken Gallon Law are experienced with the full range of Criminal Law from traffic violations to white collar crime. We are here in Miami, Oklahoma ready to defend you in your time of need. Unlike corporate firms, at J. Ken Gallon Attorney At Law we are able to give you the personal attention you need. Our process starts with the client – your needs drive our team. Helping people is why we do what we do.

Fighting For Your Rights

Ken knows your rights and he is ready to fight for you. In a time of stress you need an attorney on your side who will listen to your needs and represent you from start to finish. Our experience allows us to inform and guide you so you are empowered to make the right decision. Our track record speaks for itself; our satisfied clients often make referrals to friends and family. J Ken Gallon Law: ready to fight for your rights.

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Focus On Details

When a case does go to trial Ken Gallon Attorney at Law knows that details matter. Cases are often won and lost on the smallest technicalities. It was while working as an accountant that Ken learned that details matter and, now as an attorney for over 15 years he brings that experience to bear on every case. You want an attorney that is thorough and wants to win. You want J Ken Gallon.

Discretion, Understanding

Gallon and his team understand that when you have been accused of a crime your reputation is at stake. Ken loves working in Miami and being from a small town in NW Oklahoma himself he knows how important discretion is in tight-knit communities – especially in criminal law. Lets work together to restore your reputation.

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