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Tips for Finding Excellent Legal Services from Ken Gallon - Attorney at Law
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Ken Gallon Attorney at Law

With so many attorneys available, how do you find one that offers the kind of legal services you need? This can be a challenging project but we're going to help you navigate this minefield. We'll go over important tips to look for when you search for legal services.

Tip One - Responsiveness

  • When you're up against criminal charges, time is extremely important. Losing time means losing cases so you need an attorney that is going to start work straight away. When you get in touch with a lawyer, they should respond within a day. The legal team should quickly be able to arrange a consultation. If they're quick to answer an email or phone call, they're going to be just as responsive when it comes time to defend you.

Tip Two - Experience at a Local Level

  • One of the most overlooked criteria to consider is how experienced your lawyer is at a local level. Local relationships and connections can go a long way when you're trying to fight a charge. Every court does things their own way and every judge does things differently, too. Having a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the local court can make it easier to tailor a strategy to win your case.

Tip Three - Service Range

  • Do you need a lawyer with experience in a single area or do you need different legal services? Ideally, you'd use one lawyer for all of your different needs, but they need to excel in these areas. Make sure you find out what other legal services they offer when you sit down for a consultation. This will give you an idea of whether or not they can help if anything else goes wrong or comes up.

Tip Four - Referrals

  • Whether a law office is reliable or not, there will be former clients who can share their experience. When you start your search, ask for family or friends to refer you to a lawyer that they trust. This will give you first-hand knowledge on how the attorney works and how they'll handle your specific case. It's a great way to get an honest opinion on what's best for your situation.

Tip Five - Know the Basics

  • No, your attorney won't know everything off the top of their head. However, they should be able to tell you the basics regarding the most common crimes. Additionally, they should be able to clearly explain any possible penalties for the charges you're facing. You should see a comfort level with the local laws and the criminal justice system as a whole when you ask them questions as well. 

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