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J. Ken Gallon, Attorney at Law, is an attorney who gets results in Ottawa County, OK. He is experienced in bankruptcy, family law, and criminal defense and is ready to stand up for you in court.

A Realistic Attorney Who Understands Your Situation, and is Dedicated to Getting You the Best Result

J. Ken Gallon, located in Miami, Oklahoma, has been practicing Family Law, Criminal Law, and Bankruptcy Law since 2000. His office is dedicated to representing their clients, providing effective legal representation both in and out of the courtroom, and achieving a favorable outcome.

Criminal Defense

Every criminal law case deserves a fresh perspective and attention to detail. Our Miami, Oklahoma law firm has a strong track record in presenting criminal law cases in court, and we are willing to defend even the most severe criminal charges. We are here to fight for you, and will work hard to get you the best outcome.

Family Law

In a small town, you need an impartial attorney to represent your best interests in family law matters. J. Ken Gallon is an experienced attorney with a strong presence in court. He can help you with a variety of family legal matters including divorce, custody hearing, grandparent visitation, and adoption.

Bankruptcy Law

With a strong education and history in accounting and tax law, our attorney J. Ken Gallon is an experienced negotiator who can help you find debt relief. He can help you determine if bankruptcy is the most effective way to take control of your debt, or negotiate other options with creditors on your behalf.

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Gallon is ready to listen to your story, and provide legal counsel for your criminal defense, family law, or bankruptcy needs. Our small law practice takes pride in being honest with you about your situation. If our firm is able to assist, Ken Gallon will work to the best of his ability to bring the result you need.
Our Difference

Work With An Attorney Who Can Relate To You

Criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy attorney J. Ken Gallon is a lot different from the corporate attorneys in the area. Before starting his law practice, he experienced many different types of jobs including teaching, working as a Certified Public Accountant, and working in the pipeline industry. He has also had life experience with farming and the oilfield. He is familiar with many different walks of life, and is able to relate to every individual’s unique perspective. Gallon brings his work and life experience into every case he takes on.

Our law firm guarantees that we will do the best we can to represent you in court. We are not just here to take your money – we will listen to your story, and be brutally honest with you. If we don’t feel that we can get you the outcome you are looking for, we will be up front with you.

In a small town, you need an attorney who will be on your side, and who is willing to fight for your case. J. Ken Gallon is prepared to work hard for you.

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